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Semantic technology combines Internet standards, technologies, and practices to deliver business agility and reduce time to business value.  Organizations are leveraging semantic technology to develop new capabilities faster, integrate data better, and gain new insights about their customers and markets.


Artificial intelligence applies knowledge about the world, context, learned rules, and human cognition processes to solve problems.  AI systems learn as they are exposed to new data, while they engage with people (their users) to learn, understand intent, connect known data to new data, and draw conclusions.

Semantic Technology Standards, Technologies, and Practices

Read our white paper -- How Semantic Analytics Delivers Faster, Easier Business Insights 


Improved analytics of the big data already at their fingertips can help transform organizations for the digital age, giving them answers to pressing business questions and uncovering previously unknown relationships and trends.

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Thomas Kelly is a Director in Cognizant’s AI & Analytics Practice and heads its Semantic Technology Center of Excellence, which delivers smart data solutions. He has 25+ years of technology consulting experience in leading data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data projects, serving clients in the banking/financial services, healthcare, and life sciences industries.


Tom can be reached at, on LinkedIn, and @tjkelly3va on Twitter.


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